Free Microskilling Videos

FREE Micro-Skilling Videos

Microskilling videos are concise, targeted learning resources designed to impart specific skills or knowledge in bite-sized segments. These videos break down complex topics into easily digestible chunks, allowing learners to focus on mastering one skill at a time. Typically ranging for a few minutes in duration, these videos are crafted to deliver maximum impact with minimal time investment.

Benefits of Micro-Skilling

Efficiency and Effectiveness:
Micro-Skilling prioritises efficiency and effectiveness of learning by targeting a single skill or concept.
Flexibility and Convenience:
These videos cater for the modern learner’s busy schedules and fit seamlessly into daily routines.
Focus and Retention:
Focused learning enhances retention – Micro-Skilling videos are a key enabler for learners to grasp, apply and retain specific skills effectively.
Learners can curate personalised learning pathways by undertaking Micro-Skilling that aligns to their specific goals.
Adaptability to Change:
Learners are able to adapt to the evolving landscape of skills requirements.
Engaging and Active:
The concise nature of Micro-Skilling provides a platform for high engagement through clear objectives and targeted content.

*Please note that our Micro-Skilling Videos are not certificate bearing.

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